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Get the INEGI Maps and Cartgraphic information you need through BiciMapas

BiciMapas is an authorized INEGI dealer which means you may get all the geographical and cartographical information it produces through us. Besides the already known topographic maps in the different scales available, now you can get vector and database information as explained below.

So, do not hesitate to contact us to help you get your Mexican mapping solution.

Map and Information Availability Consulting and Purchasing Process

To purchase a map please use the following  process :

1. Select the map(s) you want and the scale needed.  Go to  the  About Mexican Topo Maps section for different options to search for the map you need. Should you need assistance, please contact us.

2.  Contact us  with the map information you need. We will verify availability and, estimated delivery time from INEGI after payment and shipping costs to you. We will send you this information by email. If the product you want is not listed just add comments explaining your needs.

3. Upon your acceptance of the prices, we will provide you with a link to a secure ordering and payment process through PayPal.

4. After we confirm your payment has been approved, we will order the product from INEGI and ship to you as soon as we get it.





Topographic maps in paper and DRG formats

For a general description of the INEGI maps please see the section About Mexican topo maps.  We are able to help you with the following products:

Digital 1:50,000 Maps.

As of today (September 2004) about 75% of the country is available in this type of maps. This will be the preferred product if you choose this scale. If you order one, it may be sent through email. All other quantities will be  supplied in a CD.

Paper 1:50,000 Maps

We will get you these maps only if the one you need is not available in Digital format. We believe there is no reason to buy a paper map if the digital version is available. If you need a paper version, just make a print of the digital one.

Digital 1:250,000 Maps.

These maps come in a set of 4 CDs for the whole country. Each CD covers a defined region may be sold separately. You can choose the one you need with this guide:

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4


OziExplorer Georreferenced Products & Other Transformations

We can provide all the digital maps already  georreferenced and ready to use with Oziexplorer as well as perform projection, datum and file format transformations at a nominal additional cost.


OziExplorer Georreferencing

Product Price (USD) Price Georreferenced (USD)
Digital 1:50,000  Map $ 16.50 each map $ 18.50 each map
Paper 1:50,000  Map $ 9.00 each Not Applicable
Digital 1:250,000 per  CD $ 67.50 per region CD $ 80.00 per region CD


Datum, Projetion or File Format Transformation

Service Price Notes
Datum Transformation $ 4.00 per document Shall multiple transformations be needed, individual prices are added. Full transformation per documnet would be US $ 18.00
Projection Transformation $ 4.00 per document
Format Transformation $ 10.00 per document


These prices do not include shipping.


Vector Maps

Map data in vector format is extensively used by GIS applications and is the source information to create custom GPS maps. INEGI produces this information in 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 in DXF format and for the most part is in NAD27 datum and UTM projection. The layers are as follows:

Contour lines, Water and waterways, Populated places and urban areas, Power and transmission lines, Political Boundaries, Industrial locations, Topographic reference elements, Transportation and communications, Protected and special interest areas, Names data base in DBase format (sold in a separate file)


Vector Data 1:50,000 Scale in DXF format Price in USD
Full set $86.00
Contour lines layer $34.50
Power and transmission lines layer $23.00
Transport and communications layer $28.75
Water and water ways layer $28.75
Vector Data 1:250,000 Scale in DXF format Price in USD
Full set $86.00
Contour lines layer $34.50
Power and transmission lines layer $23.00
Transport and communications layer $28.75
Water and water ways layer $28.75
Names data base in DBase format  
 1:250,000 Scale $11.50
1:50,000 Scale $11.50

Urban Carthography

Street information of Mexico's main cities in SHP and Mid/Mif formats.


Product Price USD
Digital Urban cartography, price per block $0.023
Digital Urban cartography with associated attributes, price per block $0.035

Additional BiciMapas Services

The following services are offered in conjunction with the associated INEGI product.


Service Description Price in USD
Vector data Datum and projection conversion $ 6.00 /layer
Names Dbase file conversion to SHP or Mid/Mif formats $ 6.00 per file
Custom GPS map based on vector data  
                                                                                             Each Layer $ 20.00
                                                                                              Full set $ 150.00


1.  We will only order your maps from INEGI until your payment has been approved and completed.

2. Shipping costs will be quoted per shipment based on the address provided in the Map Request form and the cost shall be added to the product price. If we receive your order, the product will be shipped to that address.

3. Cancellations will only be accepted before ordering the product from INEGI. Once we order the product, all sales are final.

4. We are not responsible and shall not be held liable for the accuracy of the information contained in the maps. They are provided "as is".

5. You must respect INEGI´s copyrights. By ordering your maps from us, you accept and committ to respect these rights.

6. Delivery dates and timeframes will be estimated based on INEGI's availability feedback. You aknowledge and accept that there might be reasonable variations.

7. Upon ordering, you accept the charges made to your credit card and refuse any chargeback provided the product is delivered as promised.

We will do our best to help you get your maps as fast as possible.


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