• The most complete GPS Map coverage for Mexico

  • Full and updated highway coverage all over the country.

  • Over 800,000 kilometers of highways, roads, streets, unpaved roads and trails all over the country

  • Street detail with auto routing for  over 19,000 cities throughout the country

  • Auto routing and navigation feature in highways, streets, unpaved roads, double and single tracks

  •  Street search for over 19,000 cities.  

  • More than 280,000 towns and rural locations.

  • Over 1,300,000 urban Points of Interest  data base such as restaurants, shopping centers, gas stations, banks, hospitals, government buildings, and more  all over the country.  

  • Trailer & Motor Home Parks as well as camping sites in Mexico

  • Hangliding and Delta Wing take off points throughout the country. Identified as Sports Airport.

  • Extensive, over 245,000  natural points of interest database including geographical features such as beaches, mountains, lakes, dams, ravines, rivers and so forth.

  • Over 2000 gas stations along the Mexican Highways network.

  • International and state boundaries, lakes, rivers, national parks.

  • Lakes, Dams, Islands, Rivers and National Parks. River and intermittent river coverage in all the country.

  • Contours at 20 meter intervals (60 Ft) for all the country.

  • We include our Central America GPS Map in a single package with  topographic coverage  with 20 meter (60 feet) contour interval in all 7 countries: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

  • Frequent updates. Our team works everyday gathering new information and identifying what changes in order to add them to the map and keep it as updated as possible. Updates are issued every six months approximately, which are free of charge for all registered users of the current edition during the model year. Please check our Update Policy in the Purchase section.

  • Customer Feedback.  We welcome all customer feedback. Whether it is to identify something that has changed, data that does not match with reality or to receive suggestions and ideas to improve the map contents and performance, we welcome the feedback provided by the users of our map.


Download a sample located in the western area of the City of Puebla