At BiciMapas we do our best efforts to keep our map as updated as possible. That is why we release continuous updates so that users may have a map as close to reality as possible. Our country changes very fast and new roads and highways are built or modified, there are name changes and oneway modifications. New Points of Interest show while others vanish, among many other changes. We are aware there may be mistakes and missing features. That is why we welcome and appreciate all the Mexico GPS Atlas Feedback that can be provided by the map users.

Please use this format to provide such feedback as well as any other comments or improvement ideas you may have.

We will do our best effort to add the information received in upcoming updates, which will be made available based on our Updates Policy.





Last Name




GPS Brand




Map Version



Please describe in detail the issue you would like to report. Include location coordinates, an explanation of the current conditions and how they differ from reality. The more detail provided the easier will be to identify  and correct the issue reported. If you have GPS data that complements the feedback information, please send them to