BiciMapas Garmin Authorized Dealer

Garmin Dealer

We are pleased to announce that BiciMapas is now an authorized Garmin dealer, which will allow us to enrich our content so that you can enjoy cycling even more in any of the modalities in which you practice it.


Garmin offers a wide variety of equipment that is used both in the most demanding professional circuits, where performance information and data during training and competition are crucial to get to the podium, to those for recreational use that provide the security and certainty of always knowing where you are and how to get to your destination.

gpsmap 65

In addition to GPS-based computers, you can also purchase trainers and training accessories that complement them. All this integrated into a system of applications both on PCs and cell phones that allow you to have instant access to your data on almost all models.

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At BiciMapas we do not want to be just another product catalogue, but rather offer you all the support and guides so that you get the most out of your investment. Garmin interfaces are known to be complex and as more options are added, getting to know and use them can be intimidating. We have already published some guides in the different sections of this site, with more to come soon.

From a sports and recreational point of view, we can see that there are three large device families within what Garmin offers.

From specific computers for cycling, through watches for both runners and multi-sports, to so-called handheld devices, some of which now have the possibility adding sensors to obtain heartrate and cycling information, for example.

Some of these devices like the eTrex and GPSMAP 65 have interesting features for bikepacking and touring, when battery recharging can be an important factor.


New technologies are being added to all the families such as GNSS and Multiband Compatibility, increasing accuracy and satellite signal reception.

gnss y multibanda

There are functionalities that can be obtained from devices of different families, which can cause confusion. For example, a multi-sport watch like the ones in the Phoenix series can be used to navigate a route, as does an Edge 1040 that can even be used on foot, if that hadn’t occurred to you.

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We will also talk about the Garmin digital environment that is expanding more and more both in the applications that are available and in the equipment that can be connected to them and in which cases it is convenient to use one over the other.

Such is the case of Garmin Connect, Garmin Explore and the already veteran BaseCamp that still has many very useful tools. For example, the Edge 530 has very limited features when it comes to creating waypoints, but you can create them in BaseCamp, connect your GPS to your computer, and upload them. A good way to add helpful navigation references, especially if you are going to an unknown place.

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We are building our catalogue which will continue to expand in the upcoming days.


BiciMapas will be focused on the sports and recreational use of Garmin equipment, while on our sister page we will focus more on its application in geographic information systems for data capture in the field and transfer to these systems.