Garmin Edge Manual in Video

Garmin Edge Manual in Video

Welcome to the Garmin Edge Manual in Video the ultimate video series designed to help you understand and make the most of your Garmin Edge GPS bike computer! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of your device, exploring its features, functions, and hidden gems, ensuring you become a pro in no time. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just getting started, this series will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to unlock the full potential of your Garmin Edge. Get ready to ride smarter, navigate better, and elevate your cycling experience with “Mastering Your Garmin Edge”!

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This is a work in progress. Check the full Playlist or select the chapter you are interested in from the videos below.

Section 1. Starting with Garmin and its Environment

  1. Welcome to the Garmin Edge Manual in Video
  2. The Garmin System
  3. Device Overview
  4. First Use and Initial Settings
  5. First Ride

Section 2. Ride Data

  1. All About Sensors
  2. Activity Profiles
  3. Data Fields
  4. Connect IQ
  5. Ride History Data

Section 3. Training. Planning, Execution, Performance

  1. Training with Garmin. Things you should know about.
  2. Training Plans
  3. Power Guide
  4. Workouts
  5. Segments
  6. Stamina
  7. Indoors
  8. Interval Workouts
  9. Racing a previous activity
  10. Training for a race event
  11. Setting a Training Target
  12. Statistics

Section 4. All About Navigation

  1. Locations
  2. Courses
  3. Climb Pro
  4. Map Settings
  5. Route Settings
  6. Widgets Revisited
  7. Glances Revisited

Section 5. Connected Features

  1. Connected Features
  2. Product updates

Section 6. Updates

Update 1. Increased Data Fields in the Map Screen