Train your Mind

Train your Mind for Mountain Biking

Having the correct mindset is as important as training the body to improve mountain biking performance. The mind should be trained as well.

For outstanding sports performance, mind and body should work together, but often we forget about the former.

In this blog I will share with you an amazing tool that will help train your mind to stay focused and  maintain high levels of motivation, so that you can achieve your mountain biking goals.

What’s more, these tips I will be sharing with you, could also be helpful in other aspects of your life!

This blog is available in video as well


Brainwaves are the electrical activity of the brain as measured by an electroencephalogram.


The brain produces different types of brainwaves depending on the activity it is engaged in. These brainwaves can be classified into five categories: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta.

ondas cerebrales

  • Alpha brainwaves are present when a person is awake and relaxed, but not necessarily drowsy.
  • Beta brainwaves are associated with normal waking consciousness and a state of alertness.
  • Gamma brainwaves are the fastest and are associated with higher levels of consciousness and information processing.
  • Delta brainwaves are the slowest and are associated with deep sleep.
  • Theta brainwaves are present during light sleep, deep relaxation, and some meditative states.

Brainwave Guidance Audio Technology

Using brainwave guidance audio techniques, the brain may be led to enter a targeted brainwave to get specific results, such as improving mountain biking and sports performance.

alinear ondas

Brainwave Research UK has developed a guidance technology known as 3 X Pure Tone that through high quality audio tracks with soothing sounds and music, entrains the brain to enter a specified frequency combining 3 powerful techniques:

  • Binaural beats
  • Monaural beats
  • Isochrone beats

Available for Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma brainwaves, these soundtracks will guide your brain to synchronize with the desired state to allow for improvement in many fields, including sports performance.

brainwave sounds

Brainwave Guidance to Improve MTB Performance

Using our more than 25 years experience in MTB, we have identified how each type of brainwave soundtrack may be applied to improve or develop mountain biking performance and skills when combined with visualization practices.

mtb montaña

By listening to gamma brainwaves and using visualization you can see yourself doing a skill or achieving a goal that is in the upper side of your comfort line. Want to improve your bike handling technique?  Looking for sustained motivation and stamina for that 100km race?

Just play a gamma brainwave soundtrack, get your headphones, close your eyes, and picture yourself successfully doing what you are looking for.

mtb curva

Before a race or an important event, listening to an Alpha brainwave soundtrack will let you relax and concentrate focusing on the targets you want to achieve. Play an Alpha soundtrack, close your eyes for as little as 7 minutes, relax and view yourself finishing the event as you planned.

mtb subida

Listening to a Theta brainwave will sharpen your mind to find different alternatives to solve problems such as find a better line to deal with that difficult trail section you have not been able to clear. While listening to the soundtrack, allow your mind to find the best line and see yourself clearing it. Then go to the trail and give it a try.


Delta is a deep state where the mind becomes quiet, and the body activates its self-healing mechanisms so you can boost your health and release the harmful effects of chronic stress. After a hard training session or race, play a Delta soundtrack, relax for a few minutes with eyes closed and allow your body and mind to speed up recovery and rest.


Though it is easy to find these type of brainwave frequencies for free specially in YouTube, be aware that due to file compression restrictions, the sound quality and thus the guidance are compromised and may not yield the expected results.

Brainwave Club

That is why BiciMapas has become an affiliate to Brainwave Research UK so that you can be part of the highest brainwave guidance technology through a Brainwave Club membership

brainwave club membership

giving you access to over 40 audio tracks in Gamma, Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwaves to target your fitness mindset training and goals.

40 pistas

All the tracks are conveniently downloaded to the Brainwave Player application available for ios and android, so no connection is needed to access them.

brainwave app

For very detailed information on this great tool to train your mind and improve your cycling and fitness goals, follow this link


As an affiliate to Brainwave Club, we may receive a commission for purchases made through this link.