What I wish I knew When Started Training with Power

As I explain in About Training With Power, a power meter brought a whole new sense to my training and has resulted in noticeable fitness improvements in a relatively short time. This is what I wish I knew when started training with power.

But the learning process, thus fun and interesting, has taken some time. I have read lots of books, blogs, watched videos and apply my experience with heart rate training to put together a method that is working well so far.

I decided to create an introductory guide outlining what I would do, step by step, if I was just starting, so that you can save some time and enjoy the benefits of this training tool.

The contents of this guide are:

  1. Why Train with a power meter?
  2. Training tools and Equipment
  3. 7 steps to get started training with a power meter
  4. Gather data and initial performance analysis
  5. Creating a power based training plan


To get the most out of them, please read them in order, and I would like to know your experience through our contact page


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