Heart Rate Training with a Garmin GPS Bike Computer



When you finish a ride using your Garmin® with a Heart Rate Monitor, an activity summary screen is displayed. One of its sections is called Training Effect where a series of metrics and data are shown. This is the information that the Firstbeat Analytics™ based training method provides.

Garmin Edge Training Effect

There are 4 of them showing:

  • The effect that the activity had aerobically with a score of 3.8 in this example as well as a graph and a qualitative classification of “Impacting Aerobic Fitness”.
  • There is another qualitative score with “Tempo”
  • Then, the effect that the activity had anaerobically with a score of 1.7 in this example as well as a graph and a qualitative classification of “Some Anaerobic Benefit”.
  • And a “Load” value of 188
What do these numbers, classifications and scores mean?
How should they be used to help me in my training?

The device’s user manual has very limited information on this subject, so further research was on order.

In this eBook I explain what I found about it and most importantly, how to use it to improve fitness over time using a Heart Rate Monitor and your Garmin® .

From the basics of heart rate training to developing a full training program, you will find:

  • Important training and heart rate related concepts and terms to be aware of to understand the Garmin® Training system.
  • A detailed explanation on what the Garmin® Training System is all about. I explain in detail where it comes from, the principles it is based on and the meaning and interpretation of the training data that your see in your device and Garmin Connect™.
  • Your Lactate Threshold Heart Rate and the Heart Rate Training Zones derived from it. In this chapter I explain how to get them using methods available to all of us that do not require expensive lab tests.
  • How to combine the Garmin® Training System with known methods to create Training Plans. I share a system I designed to create individual workouts within a training plan and how you can apply it to create your own to achieve long-term goals. It includes a sample 12-week Training Plan to ride 100 km on gravel or road. There are some fitness goals that the Garmin® Training System does not include but are important. Learn how to plan for them too.
  • Step by step guide to configure your device with Garmin® Training System specific data fields that will confirm you are on target in each planned workout and have the confidence you are in the right path to meet your training and fitness goals.
  • How to measure and assess your performance over time. Look at the data and make precise interpretations of the ride results and know whether you are on the right path or need to make any changes to get to your fitness goals.
  • There are some fitness goals that the Garmin® Training System does not measure but are important. Learn how to control them as well.

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